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Kotlin is the latest Android programming language that Google has released for use in Android studios around 2017. Kotlin takes advantage of a variety of programming languages ​​including Java, C#, Javascript, and other programming languages. Thus Kotlin is also considered a programming language that is mature and easy to use.

Kotlin is said to be more reliable than Java because it can handle error problems that cannot be handled by the Java programming language. Using Kotlin makes the Android program more concise and secure.

Kotlin which is currently being developed by JetBrain is starting to be used by Android Developers who are starting to migrate their programs from Java to Kotlin. Even though the library and documentation are currently limited, many are enthusiastic and continue to develop the ability to learn the Kotlin programming language.

Learning any programming language, including Kotlin, is very important to start with the basics. Here we share an ebook that might be very useful for those of you who want to learn more about Kotlin.

Download Kotlin Fundamental 1 Ebook via the link below.

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